Friday, January 17, 2014

A Coach's Reflection

Reflecting on last semester as a math leader is very vague for me.  Inbetween my numerous stays at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, I vaguely remember going to new PLs, engaging in exciting math activities or trying out an innovative math idea within a classroom.  One would think that I have had an unfulfilling first semester, but looking at so of my works I've planted good fruit. I've created technology resources for my teachers, changed the way some teachers think about my math among other things. Check out my website and see what you think: 

Legacy is important to me.  When someone thinks of Jenise, there are certain things I want to leave within their span of memory.  I'm not being morbid, I'm talking about leaving one place and going to another. How will I leave my mark.  With going through this school year with a chronically ill infant, going back and forth to the hospital but still coming to work with a smile on my face is a good mark I would like to leave.  Effectively using technology within the math classroom is another mark I would like to leave.  So I'm working diligently to develop ideas for using it effectively. I've posted many things on my school site so far. Feedback is useful to those fighting the good fight within the classrooms.

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