Saturday, January 18, 2014


The Dance card
The card reads: Step into the light. Share your gifts and talents with the world.

I've pondered over this card for a while and how it connects to my life. Yesterday I was forced into the world of blogging, a place I did not want to be. I don't like those kinds of people who feel like they always have something to say. Maybe because I'm a words person and I try to think through my thoughts before blurting them out all the time. Maybe because someone else wants or needs a turn in the spotlight. Or maybe because I know my ego and how it can get out of control if I allow it to always be in the forefront. So I
put off blogging as long as I could.

But it seems blogging is connected to the card I pulled at my last counseling session. At the end of each session you pull a card from a box and journal about how it makes you feel, how it connects to your life or anything that comes to mind. I do believe I have a gift of teaching. Why? Because I honestly enjoy it, I see the impact I'm able to make and because I took a spiritual gifts test on more than one occasion and scored the highest on teaching. So if my gift and my talents lay here, why keep it to myself? That's biblical, you know the story of the one talent man. I don't want to be "that guy" or girl in my case.

I guess coming out of my "me against the mainstream world" fight is necessary and a part of the work I am purposes to do while I have time left on this earth.

Reminds me of a Kid President question posed in one of his videos. What are you teaching the world?

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