Friday, February 28, 2014

I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Wednesday morning I awoke to a retweet by @Natasha_Neffy which read, "Georgia Senate has passed a bill to withdraw Georgia from Common Core". WHAT! 

 I spiraled into a tizzy thinking about all of the work we have put into getting students to a place of understanding in mathematics. I thought about all of the ineffective teaching practices that were on their way out of the door due to Common Core.  I thought about all the teachers who set aside their fear of change to do what's best for students. 

Common Core has developed a bad reputation. From people believing it is the government "enforcing its rule" upon us, to others believing it confuses students with the mathematics. Common Core has sifted fears and insecurities of many teachers to the surface, exposing them. Instead of admitting these things and having a sense of vulnerability, they have found excuses and remain misinformed. They passed on these fears to parents, who in turn are misinformed. With all of this, Georgia now finds itself in a compromising position. 

Do we compromise the understanding of our students to appease those who are afraid of change?  Do we subject our kids to a life of, "I was never good at math"?  Do we bow to the pressure of the misinform?  Withdrawing from Common Core does just that!  These standards were written to build understanding of math concepts gradually. You would not want to live in a house built in a day, because chances are it would not withstand any storm. So why would we subject our kids to such construction?

Bottomline Georgia Senate, if you believe the children are our future, which they are, what future are you creating for us all?  Have you considered the ramifications of removing critical thinking and understanding by changing from rigorous standards to those which do not allow the building of understanding?

"I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty the possess inside. Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier..." - Whitney Houston

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